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Get those vocal chops up to snuff with Joanna Schubert!

The Rock Choir provides a fun, creative, and musically enriching space for kids and teens who love to sing. Throughout the course of the program, we will put together a variety of songs while emphasizing healthy vocal technique and learning important musicianship skills through ear training, harmonizing, and vocal improvisation.

Repertoire will include different styles of contemporary music, from The Beatles, to Joni Mitchell, to The Flaming Lips, to Alicia Keys, to current pop radio music (to name a few possible examples). There will be at least one performance opportunity for the choir at a popular NYC music venue.



About Joanna:

Choir director Joanna Schubert ran a successful contemporary choir program called Sing What You Love at the New School of Music in Cambridge, MA for four years before moving to NYC this past September. Joanna has a multifaceted musical background, which, in addition to choir directing, includes music directing children's musical theater productions, teaching piano, voice, and songwriting, composing for musical theater, and writing and performing her own singer-songwriter material.