Tomorrow, we kick off our 2017 residency at Halyards.

We've been looking forward to the third installment of our Halyards series since November.  Just like the last two performances, tomorrow features a free, all ages Gowanus Music Clubstudent act at 7:30, followed by bands that include some of our incredibly talented teachers and friends.


406 3rd ave at 6th St

Brooklyn, NY 11215


Here are the bands to look forward to tomorrow:


Sami Stevens (with instructor Bob Edinger on drums!)

Miki and the Satellites (with GMC teacher Spencer Lee Gallop on guitar)

Spring '17.

What does the new year mean to you?

We're sure that for us, 2017 means growth:  Growth in the number of students (welcome, to the Club, new kids!), and growth in musical ability for our veterans (some kids who were absolute beginners when they started are preparing pieces for jazz band auditions. Woah!). Shiny new instruments, new genres, challenging new song selections, etc.  We are excited to see what the upcoming Spring 12 Week Jam will bring.

Since 2009, our community of parents, teachers, and students has been expanding throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan neighborhoods, and it's because of you: you who've been so great about spreading the word about our program, inviting friends and family to student concerts, and making the choice to make music an important part of your lives.

Thanks a million, everyone!  We couldn't do any of this without you.